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SENA - Complejo Tecnológico, Agroindustrial, Pecuario y Turístico

Tecnología en gestión de mercados



“Taller de comprensión de lectura”.


Desarrollar un taller de comprensión lectora sobre términos técnicos en idioma inglés, referente a oferta y demanda. ORIENTACIÓN Lea con atención el texto “Supply and Demand”, que se encuentra en el objeto de aprendizaje de la Actividad de Proyecto 4, y conteste:

  1. Match the Word with the corresponding meaning:

  1. Supply                                      C Expensive
  2. Demand                                   B Desire to buy any product
  3. High price                                 D All people
  4. Mass market                            E  The lifetime of goods and services.
  5. Life cycle                                   A Disposition to offer products
  1. According to the text, mention the things people take into account to determine the demand.
  • The price of the product.
  • The promotion or publicity thereof.
  • Product characteristics.
  • Appearance.
  1. Write F for false or T for true.
  1. Production cost depends on Technology.  F ( )  T (X)
  2. As greater the expectations are, the lower will be the offer from the companies.  F (X)  T ( )
  3. One of the four Ps of marketing mix is Package.  F ( )  T (X)
  4. Price is the amount a customer pays for the product.  F ( ) T (X)
  5. Planning is to transform and develop marketing objectives to marketing strategies.  F ( ) T (X)
  1. Answer the following questions
  1. What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a continuous process by which the products, services or work processes of leading companies are taken as a reference, to compare them with those of your own company and later make improvements and implement them.

  1. What is the process of Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a continuous process by which the products, services or work processes of leading companies are taken as a reference, to compare them with those of your own company and later make improvements and implement them.

  1. Number the aspects to be taken into account in Benchmarking:

  1. The price.
  2. Financial statements.
  3. Marketing, advertising and SEO positioning.
  4. Human resources.
  1. Write the vocabulary (20 words) from the reading, and make a Glossary: Organize the words in alphabetic order and write the meaning of each word.
  • Exclusive stores: It is a small business establishment, specializing in luxury items, both clothing and jewelry. They generally have a very select and exclusive clientele, with the financial capacity to purchase their products, usually unique, high-priced creations.

In this sense, they are the opposite of the large chains, which are dedicated to commercializing products on a large scale and at fairly cheap prices.

  • Freshen a tired brand: A tired brand means that it has rested on its laurels. There are two moments when it is good to refresh the brand: the first is when the competition changes the status quo of the market and the second when the brand, despite being relatively new, has made a mistake with its marketing and / or branding strategy.

  • High price: If "high price" means something in particular, it is a price that is above its breakeven point. If that is the case, then the price tends to fall due to the excess of supply over the quantity demanded. The fact that the price of meat does not fall means that, in this sense, the price of meat is not high.                              
  • Market research: Market research is the process by which companies seek to collect data in a systematic way in order to make better decisions, but its true value lies in the way in which all the data obtained is used to achieve a better knowledge of the market consumer.
  • Market segment: A market segment is a group of consumers, mostly homogeneous, either due to certain characteristics or their needs, which are identified as a market that presents similar wishes or buying habits and that potentially respond similar to the strategy developed by the marketing mix.
  • Marketing: We can say that marketing is a set of actions by which a company studies the needs or characteristic problems of a public, be it a person or another company, and from them establishes strategies to discover how to solve them through its product or service.
  • Marketing department: The marketing department is the visible face of the organization, coordinating and producing all the content they represent, with the aim of reaching prospects, clients, investors and / or the community. At the same time, it is responsible for creating an overall image that represents the brand in a positive way.
  • Marketing mix: It is an analysis of the internal strategy probably developed by the companies. Four basic variables of its activity are analyzed: product, price, distribution and promotion.

The marketing mix is a strategy analysis of internal aspects and developed exclusively by companies. Four main business variables are taken into account: product, price, distribution and promotion.

  • Marketing strategy: A marketing strategy is the style and method used to create leads. It serves to communicate and position the products and services of a company, and translates into operational lines that allow reaching a target market through the appropriate channels.

  • Mass market: Mass marketing is a market strategy in which a company decides to ignore the differences in market segments and to appeal to the entire market with an offer or a strategy to the number of possible people.
  • Packaging: Packaging is everything necessary in the process of conditioning the products to protect them, and / or temporarily grouping them thinking about their handling, transport and storage. With this format we preserve the quality of the cargo while maintaining a salvo, in all the operations in which it is involved, during the journey between the exporter and the importer.
  • Premium brands: A premium brands is technically one of the highest price in the traditional market. A premium brand tends to position itself in a certain sector and always observes what the competition is doing, using tools such as benchmarking.
  • Price promotion: La promoción de precios es una estrategia de ventas en la que las marcas bajan temporalmente el precio de un producto o servicio para atraer clientes potenciales y clientes potenciales.
  • Competition: Competition refers to the existence of a large number of companies or people who offer and sell a product (they are suppliers) in a given market, in which there are also people or companies, called consumers or applicants, which, according to their preferences and needs, they buy or demand those products from the suppliers.
  • Product life cycle: The product life cycle is the evolution of the sales of an item during the time it remains on the market. The concept of "product life cycle" is a marketing or marketing tool.
  • Products mixture: Products Mixture refers to the variety of items offered by a company to the public. Among its advantages is the possibility of building customer loyalty and guaranteeing a greater market share. Ensuring an effective strategy in this regard is essential to the health of any business.
  • Sales assistants: The sales assistant, as the name implies, is the person who is in charge of assisting or contributing to the sales manager of a company.
  • Sales boost: They are those that customers do because it seems like a great opportunity that they cannot miss. Typically, these impulse sales are made by people who have been thinking about buying something for a long time, but were in no rush.
  • Supermarket: A supermarket is a commercial retail establishment that offers consumer goods in the self-service system, including food, clothing, hygiene items, perfumery and cleaning products.
  • Television adverts: A television adverts or advertisement is an audiovisual support to an audience through the electronic medium known as television. Its duration is usually between 10 and 70 seconds to promote a product, service or commercial institution.
  1. Write a ten lines text that summarizes the topic of the activity.

In the activity we have talked about the success of a company is in fully satisfying customers, they are the main reason for the survival and proper functioning of any company, and to make them feel comfortable and therefore get a favorable response that results in benefits for the company, what is called Marketing Mix.


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