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What is the project about and how is the project materialized

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- What is the magnitude of the problems that would continue to exist without this type of solution

The problem of illiteracy is quite important due limitations in daily life in the future.

If the community does not have a proper level of education, they do not find good job opportunities and they will be working in agricultural tasks their whole life. Nowadays they cannot have any job in the city as they do not know how to speak Spanish and how to do the tasks.

The lack of integrity will be even bigger in the future for the young community as they will need to go to the cities to find a job or just to go to college. This lack of integrity leads to not understanding the society, the market or even the local currency. I think one of the worst problems in today’s society is the illiteracy which has the consequence of the lack of integration in the real world.

- Where will it be located and why

The project will be located in Teoría which is a community located in Mazamari in the jungle of Peru. I chose this location after I researched which places have less of an educational level compared to the rest of the country.

Moreover, I would like to help the Peruvians because I have family there so I think it would be rewarding to be able to improve living conditions in the poorest area of the country. I chose the jungle because I think the culture there is very interesting; they can live with what they have in the village (natural resources) and do not have many forms of technology. I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with people that speak the indigenous language, as it is something special among the few remaining tribes that still exist.


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