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Difference between Criminal and Common Law with Civil Law

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Kenneth Vega

Ms. Anne Delaney

January 25, 2016

Business Law I

Difference between Criminal and Common Law with Civil Law

There are many classifications in law. One of the most essential is the division of civil law and criminal law. According to the book Business Law Text & Exercises civil law is defined as “the branch of law dealing with the definition and enforcement of all private or public rights, as opposed to criminal matters” (Miller 8). Thus, civil law is a body of rules that explain private rights and clarifications to disputes between individuals or organizations that do not include criminal actions. For this last there is something called criminal law which according to the book Business Law Text & Exercises it is a “Law that governs and defines those actions that are crimes and that subject the convicted offender to punishment imposed by the government” (Miller 9). In other words, this is a law where the government has too much to do because the government usually persecutes the person who has committed any violation of a public law, which is defined by the article What is Public Law? as “The branch of law that governs the behavior of people” As a result, the government impose a penalty such as a monetary penalty and imprisonment to the guilty person. Unlike the main purpose of civil law which is to deal with disputes among individuals and organizations, criminals law main purpose is to maintain the stability of a state and society by punishing guilty people. In addition, the parties that are involved are in civil law private party and in criminal law is government.                        

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