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Abortion is unacceptable.

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In third place, abortion can lead to medical complications later. In Chile, 17% of maternal deaths are caused by abortions in clandestine conditions (Ministerio de Salud, 2014) and, globally, the number of women who die from abortion each year is 68,000 (WHO, 2004). The abortion may carry possible physical effects like infertility, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, menstrual disorders, perforated uterus, loss of other organs, premature death, among others and between the psychological effects that this act can bring are: changes in mood (mood changes), irritability, fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, trauma, depression, separation from a partner, among others. The problem is that the vast majority of women that aborted without being (were not) aware of the possible effects that this practice can bring and that is why we must start teaching people about this issue.

In conclusion, knowing all this, we can say that abortion is not acceptable under any circumstances because it leads to the devaluation of human life, acts against the international Agreements on the right to life and can lead to medical complications later, which can cause serious illnesses or even death. For all this, society should not accept that pregnant women kill the child that is within them. The life that is coming has the same dignity and rights that every person on our side, so we must always defend it.

María Jesús Ariztía von Wussow

I liked your essay, but sometimes it is a little bit confusing. And I think that sometimes you repeat the same ideas too much. I made a little changes (in red) and highlighted the things that weren't that good.

Giselle Gentillon M.


ORGANIZACIÓN MUNDIAL DE LA SALUD (OMS), Unsafe Abortion. Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated mortality in 2000, 4a Edición, Ginebra, 2004,


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