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Relacion consumidor -empresa.

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Enviroment and atmosphere : This restaurant looks like they can do better if they really have a standard to follow and if they just pick one service or fast food or table attention .


-Reliability:It feels like you can trust in the ingredients and how they prepered the food , becuase there’s a glass behind the cashier so you can see trough it and see the uniforms of the cooks , the ingredients , how they stock up the ingredients , the equipment ,etc.

-Assurance :they guarantee quality in the ingredients they use ,the freshness of the vegetablesand the sauces,but I can’t say the same about the desserts they sell , they look fresh but the taste is not like they recently made it .

-Tangibles: the equipment they use in the kitchen ,the bars to show the desserts ,tables and seats , heaters ,clean bathrooms .

-Empathy:provision of caring not at all ,they don’t give individualized attention to customers , neither recommend something else .

-Responsiveness:employees don’t have the willingness to help customers and to provide good service.


We had the chance to have a short interview with a worker of the staff of DyS, he work as a kitchen assistant, Carlos Moran. (22)

1: ¿How would you describe the working enviroment in your work place?

E: Is not stressfull as one would imagine, but when have rush I have to recognize that we dont have each other back. If is not part of your work nobody give the extra mile.

2: ¿What would you improve in your work place?

E: I dont like the window we have at the kitchen, the costumer can see us. Also there is no space for us to eat or to relax on our breaks.

3: ¿What do you think is the major complain of the costumers?

E: Well I notice that sometimes they go to the counter to complain about their dishes because they are not correct. But thats the cashiers fault because she didnt tell the costumer that we dont have all the ingredients of the menú.

4: ¿How often do you have trainig?

E: I have been working for 6 month now an only the first 2 days a had trainig. Since then we dont have nothing but a few suggestion from the manager.




- Special Menu multiple vegetarian choices and healthy food

- Poorly motivated workforce

- Poor service

- New business idea

- Lack of online presence

- Affordable prices

- Not enough advertising

- Free facilities ( Wifi and delivery services)

- No children´s menu

- Location



- Developing fast food restaurant in well-known shopping mall

- More competitors

- Price Competition

- Growing market of people looking for a restaurant with healthy choices

- Bad reviews from customers

- Product imitation

- Growing trend



The main weaknesses identified are lack of concern for having a good customer satisfaction this is reflected in the desire and the commitment they have with the company, the decline in voice note how to address and how to perform the whole process. Second weakness detected in control having warm dishes or in optimal quality, it was observed much mistakes and oversights. Third weakness is found in service time who have no control, in the order the salad was first and making a recall came the beverage and in the same table my partner order first and the order came the last. Other facilities found weakness is found with noticeable damage the dishes and the structure by the passage of time and lack some detail cleaning.

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This articles we search are based int the most important problem we can recognize during our visit to this restaurant.

How to Get Your Service Staff in Winning shape

by Monica Giuoco and Chris Tripoli


Start Out by Hiring the Right People

“You can't build a champion team without folks who have the heart and spirit of champions. Skills can be taught and experience can be developed. But every great team starts with raw talent. That said, every position in the house requires certain traits and talents. You can't hire a great busser without understanding what it takes to be a great busser. When interviewing, it is important that you consider every aspect of the position. Formal job descriptions have many benefits, including serving as a list of the performance requirements of the position.

Second, you need to find folks whose personalities and values are aligned with your concept. You must examine the goals as well as the culture within your company.

Thoughtfully choosing the individuals you hire will help reduce the dreaded "T" word, turnover. Turnover is a big enough problem in the restaurant industry alone, without creating an environment that encourages it.”

Structure is Key



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