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Look at the following exercises in your "Stand Out Basic workbook" and do them in a word file

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6 she is the teacher

She s the teacher

7 the phone number is 555-5672

It s 555-5672

8 i m happy here

I m happy here.

9 i am married.

I m married.

10 she is from brazil.

She is from brazil.

Exercise D. Page 10

What s your first name it s Robert

What s your phone number its 562-555-3534

What s your birth place it s buenos aires, argentina.

What s the date today it s june 1, 2009

What s your address it s 3345 Gisbert Avenue

What s your birth date it s june 1, 1965

What s your zip code it s 01275

Exercise D. Page 12

- I am a student ____my____________name is hilda.

- John lives in santa ana. ____his__________ address is 8237 glasgow.

- You are good student. ____you__________teacher s name is ms. Kline.

- They are from panamá. ___her__________address is 454parker Blvd.

- We live in portland. ____our___________phone number is 555-9256

- She is from panamá. ____her_________address is 454 parker blvd.

- Jonathan and Nicole live indallas.____the_______school is in fort worth

- Marie and i are students. ____our_________phone number is 555-8883

Exercise E. Page 14

- The student lives in washintngton

The student lives in Washington.

- We are from Guadalajara, mexico

We are from Guadalajara, mejico.

- My frist name is jan, and my last name is peters.

My first name is jan, my last name is pelin

- Jefferson adult school is a school in florida.

Jefferson odult school is a school in florida

- Her address is 2928 broadway avenue.

Her adress is 2928broad way avenue

- I live in tampa, florida.

I live in tampa, florida.

Once you finish upload this word file here.


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