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Positive factors:

• Can operate as entertainment.

• It is a source of distraction.

• Provides fun.

Negative factors:

• It can become addictive.

• Sedentarisation.

•Bad habits.


If you give the crayfish the same drug used to treat anxiety disorder in humans, it relaxes and comes out and explores.

the human brain compared to a chimpanzee brain, what you see is we have basically a very big chimpanzee brain.


Some people thing is empathy.

Empathy is the mind's ability . We're all in a hurry now. The oldest form of empathy is contagious fear.

Empathy is old, like everything else in life:you feel sad, it makes me sad. I see you happy, it makes me happy.

Far from being the thing that makes us human, human empathy is far from perfect.

In the Bahamas, They recognize the research boat. When she shows up, it's a big happy reunion. Except, one time showed up and they didn't want to come near the boat, and that was really strange.

What makes us human is that, of all these things that our minds and their minds have, we are the most extreme. We are the most compassionate, most violent, most creative and most destructive animal that has ever been on this planet, and we are all of those things all jumbled up together.


Engineers recorded a lot of data, but they do it as a guide to their reasoning, not as an answer to their problems.

Civil engineering

Which applies the knowledge of physics, chemistry, calculus, to development of infrastructures, water conservancy and transportation.

An engineer

Engineer is derived from ingenuity, but this seems too clever to be true.

It is not easy to specifically define an engineer,the engineer is clearly distinguishable from other professions. For example:

- The lawyer entangles

- The doctor kills

- The engineer builds

Areas of knowledge required

- Calculation of stress and deformation in structures under different actions.

- Materials to be used in the execution of the work .

- Hydrology for the design of dams or weirs, bridges sizing lights, etc.

Capabilities of civil engineer

- Analyze the ground according to their type and capacity.

- Calculate and design of structural elements.

- Calculate and design hydraulic works

Fields of application

- Structural engineering

- Geotechnical engineering

- Construction and engineering management.

- Transportation and infrastructure engineering


Is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup,

Technology plays a large role in most aspects of today's society. Technological influences are growing more apparent in the fashion industry. Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends.

Developments such as wearable technology has become an important trend in fashion and will continue with advances such as clothing constructed with solar panels that charge devices and smart fabrics that enhance wearer comfort by changing color or texture based on environmental changes.

Fashion trend goes beyond the aesthetic values, it emerges as an expressive tool for designers to deliver their message about the society. With the influence of social media, celebrities and bloggers, their voice are easily being heard and have impact on fashion and trend at any time. Fashion and music are inseparable. Music is a representation of fashion that expresses the abstract design concept into relatable harmony for viewers. The collective trend and style that symbolize the energy and personality.

Fashion relates to social and cultural context of an environment. According to Matika, Elements of popular culture become fused when a person’s trend is associated with a preference for a genre of music…like music, news or literature, fashion has been fused into everyday lives.Fashion is not only seen as pure aesthetic values; fashion is also a medium for performers to create an overall atmosphere and express their opinions altogether through music video.


Meet a girl or a boy: When parents look for a wife or a husband and the other way is both are met at university or at work. Man usually look for a woman ,he feels ready to support a .

Fall in love: About of boyfriend or girlfriend does not exist in Islamic religion, a man decides to live with a girl, he will do it through of marriage.

They can not have boyfriend or girls friend, even a woman who has several boyfriend could be considered a prostitute.

Engagement : If the woman accepts to be his wife, families negotiate the marriage contract. The current problem is that there are many single older men and women because men do not have enough money to a family.

Marriage: The Muslim rite is carried on in a mosque, before the religious leader called Iman

The celebrations for this usually take a place in house one of them, or as in other religions.


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